The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1215388_1 Ice cream! Lipgloss! Sat Nav – all that and more can be in your world sooner rather than later and it’s all free! FREE!! Thanks, of course, to HotUKDeals…

FREE WASHBAG: Not any old washbag, but a French Connection washbag. Highly sexual.

FREE LIPGLOSS: Not any old lipgloss, but Chanel lipgloss. Deeply arousing.

FREE ICE CREAM: Not any old ice cream, but Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Powerfully erotic.

FREE MASCARA: Not any old mascara, but Clinique mascara. Enchantingly, erm, enchanting.

FREE DVD RIPPER: By the good people at WinX – rip away to your hearts’ content you beauties.

FREE BREAKFAST: To be had within the walls of a KFC restaurant. If you can find one of their voucher giveaway squad that is…

FREE PHONE SATNAV: Co-Pilot for the Androids. No voice guidance but what do you want for zero pence?

FREE TOOTHPASTE: Aquafresh. Bung it inside your gob and it’ll make your gob nicer.

(freebies found by HUKD members Burkester91, ambergarcia, Cov Rover, lucerysmum, metallithrax, frmarirolu, KingAzzA and PBRISCOE)


  • bob
    what, no coffee?
  • cassie
    Not heard of this before but happy to give it a try - thanks

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