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1213044_1 Rewards! Coffee! Shampoo! Other things! All this and more hails from the Freebies section over at HotUKDeals (and you’ll regularly find free cinema tickets as well, if you’re quick enough). Wade in – we guarantee it’ll feel lovely…

FREE SKIN GLOOP: To be more precise, it’s Garnier Skin Perfector Cream and there’s a beauty sample waiting for you. We assume it’ll make your life amazing.

FREE ‘GAMER REWARDS’: From Blockbuster. You’ll get freebies and money off, and it says here that you’ll also get a free can of Relentless and a chocolate bar just for signing up!

FREE COFFEE: Because there’s ALWAYS free coffee. This time around it’s Carte Noire Instinct. Sounds sexy, tastes amazing. Possibly.

FREE NIGHT AT THE DOGS: Wimbledon dogs in case you care. Free entry, free racecard, and a free burger. All you need is one of them Oyster cards what they have in That London.

FREE SHAMPOO: It’s L’Oreal EverPure non-sulphate shampoo – utterly perfect if you’re a sulphate-hating hair owner. Which, let’s face it, is almost all of us.

FREE GIFT CARD: It’s for Mamas & Papas and crash bang wallop, it’s worth TEN WHOLE EARTH POUNDS. Back of the net!

FREE PERSONALISED DEBIT CARD: Hailing from the good people at Barclays, you can make the image of your choice appear on your debit card. NO BOOBIES.

(freebies found by HUKD members parsonsanna, danhufc, nicklaus, kimyt11, hyperbole, Alex7911 and etiennem1001)

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  • Mike H.
    Should be some free Vidal Sassoon shampoo knocking about soon, seen as the cunt's dead n all.

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