The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1radiohead Jazz! Seeds! Tea! All free! Yes, it’s our latest round-up of something for nothing that can be found hidden away within the dark recesses of HotUKDeals. Go seek!

FREE JAZZ: No, not that sort of jazz, but the music. More than 35,000 tracks to download and they’re all free.

FREE SEEDS: Help the bees by planting seeds and giving them flowers to do their ‘thing’ with.

FREE LEGAL PROTECTION: For your car or motorcycle, legal protection insurance for nothing.

FREE TENACIOUS D: Listen to their new album, streaming online. Yes, they’re still going.

FREE TICKETS: To the Goodwood Moving Motor Show, to be held in June. It’s in Goodwood, and is a show about moving motors.

FREE TEA: Because there’s always free tea – this is from Clipper Teas. Tea that’s free.

MORE FREE TEA: Yes, can you believe it? Here’s some free Yorkshire Tea as well.

FREE RADIOHEAD: A bunch of cover versions of other people’s songs by the whining group and their miserable singer. You’re welcome.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members Boz, Gem_182, Beekeeper, paulizere, holly100, KaiElite307, andywedge and alison1989)


  • The C.
    Yeahhhh. Nice one Andy innit! Sorted massive innit. All good stuff there mate innit. I'm sorted for the next couple of days till the giro comes froo innit! Shanaze ain't bringin' in much cash at the minnit innit. And we all need an 'oliday, cos we ain't been on one in at least a week innit!
  • Mike H.
    Before the fake Mike Hock can get in with his attempt at being witty. All chavvy deals there for the chavs and they're all free so the 'chavs' can spend more money down the pub and betting shops, chavs. Fuck you Fake Mike.
  • The C.
    Nice 1 Mike. We all hate that cunt nicest... Fake Mike Hock, and you're right, everybody everywhere is a reet fucking massive chav innit! I'm off to spend all your hard earned in the pub, If I've got any left after my daily 'sesh' then I'm off next dorr to piss it up the wall on some lame nag!
  • Phuck Y.
    What about John Peel's music collection all FREE. Fuck all about that deal, is there?
  • Dick
    You get free protection directly from God if you believe in him. Of course, you are fucked if he decides to make you crash.

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