The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1194390_1 Shampoo! Sat nav! Some kind of bomb! All that and more is FREE to you lot, thanks to our friends over at HotUKDeals. Get among it!

FREE PORTABLE APPS: Fill a USB stick with these useful apps and it’ll make your life easier and better and that.

FREE VEGETABLES EBOOK: For your Kindle. About how to grow them well. You can’t grow them in your Kindle though.

FREE SHAMPOO: L’Oreal Ever Pure no less. Good stuff. None of the usual muck.

FREE STATELY HOME WANDERING: A weekend of free access to National Trust activities. Over 200 houses and gardens for you to mooch about in.

FREE SATNAV: For your Android-powered phone. Get out there and explore the nation without the fear of getting lost.

FREE BATH BOMB: Part of a series of instore events in Lush shops. Make your own bath bomb then take it back to your bath with you.

FREE COMPUTERISED FLYING: It’s Microsoft Flight and it’s free to play right now, courtesy of Steam.

FREE IPHONE UNLOCKING: If you’re on O2, you could get your iPhone unlocked, even if you’re still on a pay monthly contract.

(freebies discovered by HUKD members kaloskagatos, Boz, veronica72, pearsons06, NarMaleen, tinaiaconianni, NosAri and raf_shc)


  • Mike H.
    That reads like a hook handed bearded muslim cleric wearing a dress has dropped his shopping list.
  • bananas
    That purple thing looks like a end of penis.
  • Duke
    bananas - if your looks like that you should probably see a doctor
  • Mike H.
    What ever happeened to that Wince Vong anyhoo? I heard he was last spotted running around with his pants around his head in the middle of Blackpool shouting "flibble..." with nothing but a stripey sock on his cock. Worrying.

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