The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1172248_1 Tea! Coffee! Toothpaste! Other stuff! Yes, it’s another trip into the grotto of free stuff that lurks within HotUKDeals. You can’t not afford to get stuck right in.

FREE CALL CENTRE QUEUE-KILLING APP: Yes, an app that will supposedly get you to the front of call centre queues. We’ve got no idea how this might work.

FREE TOOTHPASTE: Aquafresh Ultimate. A sample. Sounds enticing, eh?

FREE COFFEE: From a branch of Caffe Nero – loads to choose from, but it’s in conjunction with O2 Priority Moments.

FREE MAGAZINE: Marie Claire to be precise. No hidden catches, what a result!

FREE GAMES: Playable free games courtesy of Steam. No, we’re not telling you what they’re called you lazy sods.

FREE MOT CHECK: Free online check of your vehicle’s MOT status and history. Find out if it’s a ringer or not – probably.

FREE TEA: Because there’s always free tea. This time it’s from Pukka (although we thought they did pies).

FREE PERSONALISED DEBIT CARD: Courtesy of Barclays. Get your own face on your debit card. Or something.

(thanks to avid HUKD members simplyjimbo, jyfs, hollie86, lucerysmum, Jas10, danny-hanson and cjgroveuk)

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  • Mike H.
    That reads like a BMW/Audi driving wanker's shopping list.

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