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1164961_1 Ice lollies! Films! Deodorant! And even more! Yes, that’s just some of the stuff that appears in our current bumper crop of stuff that you can purloin from the heaving Freebies section over at HotUKDeals at the moment. Get stuck in kids!

FREE MOVIES: For the watching of online, via YouTube if you want us to be more specific. All stored in their special ‘free movies’ area. No, we’re not telling you what’s in there.

FREE TICKETS: Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? The tickets are actually for the Grand Designs show in London. House stuff for you to look at. Nice, if you like that kind of thing.

FREE SUNGLASSES: Not just any sunglasses, but Lucozade sunglasses. NOW you’re interested, right?

FREE ICE LOLLIES: Just in time for summer, free lollies from Wall’s. Get ‘em down you.

FREE CLOTHES VOUCHER: To be more specific, it’s a £5 H&M voucher, but you have to donate a bag of clothes to get it. Also, it’s only in 16 stores, so read the small print please.

FREE DEODORANT: Garnier Clean Sensation to be precise. It’ll get the job done and no mistake – get your hands on a sample NOW.

FREE COFFEE: Mentioned earlier today, it’s a free tall latte in Starbucks tomorrow morning.

FREE POSTER AND WINDOW STICKER: ‘Think Bike!’ It’ll help you to think about bikes more.

FREE SEEDS: From Birds Eye, the company that sells frozen veg – some vegetable seeds. Might be shooting themselves in the foot a bit with this one.

(freebies found by HUKD members MoMoneyMan, marcus22, Jas10, robkd14, holly100, marba01, Rayhaan, grim_reaper, sdoherty1000)

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