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28 February 2012

1152427_1 Make yourself a lovely mug of coffee, and then construct a 3D model while your smartphone syncs itself. That’s the scenario available to you for FREE today, with our latest round-up of the best FREE stuff from HotUKDeals…

FREE EDUCATION: An online course in association with top further education colleges. Some learning for nothing. Lovely.

FREE 3D MODELS: Paper, glue scissors, origami, endless fun. Until it turns nasty (although it doesn’t have to).

FREE HOTEL PERKS: Extra benefits with your hotel stays. No, not like that.

FREE SMARTPHONE SYNCING: Your Android phone can now connect with your computer easier than ever before. With this.

FREE COFFEE: There’s always free coffee if you know where to look. In this case, Carte Noire beans.

FREE MUG: From Starbucks, although store-specific. Bung your boiled Carte Noire beans in it.

FREE CLOUD STORAGE: As much as 50GB of data storage space for Android users. Sorted.

(freebies found by avid HotUKDeals users ngneerz, frosa, steveocole, RY4N75, gabbygabby, coolash and Bleary 123)

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  • Mary H.
    Starbucks, the place to buy shit coffee at ridiculous prices.

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