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1143172_1 Tea, stomach nicifier, an old magazine and some cat food. Okay, it’s not the GREATEST freebie line-up ever, but some of it would make a nice Valentine treat to yourself, OKAY? All of it is courtesy of HotUKDeals, but you knew that, right?

FREE TEA: Because there’s always free tea here. Usually. Almost always. Anyway, it’s a sample of Tetley’s Blend Of Both, a combo of regular tea and green tea. Freaky!

FREE STOMACH THING: Bimuno Immunaid health supplement to be more precise. We don’t know what this is.

FREE GAMES: Two free Steam games along with lots of other stuff when you sign up for a 7-day IGN Prime trial (which can be cancelled immediately).

FREE PARENTING EBOOK: For your Kindle, it’s called “Parenting Techniques That Work: Successful Parenting Of Children & Teenagers With Challenging Behaviour, ADHD & Aspergers”. Don’t know what it’s

FREE MAGAZINE: The first ever issue of T3 magazine from 1996 to be precise. In PDF form. Perfect if you’re looking for a PDF of the first ever issue of T3 magazine.

FREE CAT FOOD: 400g of Royal Canin Feline. Presumably used by royals, somewhere in the world.

FREE VASELINE: Body gel, for the human body. Yours, for free. Involves some ‘Facebook action’.

(freebies found by Abstract1, Cepultura, Ciderlord, SpudGunner, choc1969 and butterflykizz17)

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