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3 February 2012

1133293_1 Let’s start the weekend off with a BANG! (NB: bang may consist mainly of a bunch of stuff acquired from the freebies forum at HotUKDeals)

FREE CLOUD SPACE: If you’re a Dropbox user, you could get up to an additional 4.5GB of space for your account. Some uploadage is required.

FREE AUDIOBOOKS: Courtesy of The Guardian, four well-regarded books for you to pour into your ears.

FREE BIRD GUIDE: A booklet from the RSPB, all about the birds in your garden. And let’s face it, they’re the ones who would know.

FREE SIGN LANGUAGE: A book and a video and some charts. All to help you to talk with your hands.

FREE EBOOKS: Boxed sets of books for your Kindle. All free and all to be found at Amazon.

FREE EXHIBITION TICKETS: The Ideal Home Exhibition to be precise. Go to there and turn green with envy at stuff you’ll either never afford or can’t be arsed to do.

FREE POINTS: Not just any old points – these are Microsoft points. You can get 40 of them for nothing if you do some kind of survey.

FREE PEN & PENCIL SET: Again, do a survey and it could soon be winging its way to you. Amazing scenes.

(freebies all courtesy of Sworld, nat601, Jas10, james4809, Boz, jonbee56, AlanClarke and emz13x)

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  • Brucie
    What do Microsoft points make?
  • Mike H.
    There's plenty of birds in my garden, burried, of course.

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