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1130805_1 Get yourself a sturdy sack and get it ready for filling. That’s because we’ve got another bumper crop of goodies here, courtesy of HotUKDeals, that will cost you absolutely nothing. Sadly, there’s no free tea. We hope normal service will be resumed soon.

FREE TV & MOVIES: On your phone, via Crackle, an app that is supposedly linked to Sony Entertainment. See if YOU can find something there that you like.

FREE VIRGIN CHARITY CARD: Charity, yeah? That’s a good thing, yeah? Yeah!

FREE DATA STORAGE: 10GB of it, on a server somehere, with no ads and lots of features. Sounds too good to be true.

FREE PHOTOSHOP EBOOK: From the Kindle Store, normally £12.77, a book all about how to do good stuff on Photoshop.

FREE RING SIZER: Settle those ‘What ring size am I?’ arguments once and for all!

FREE GAME: It’s Babylonian Twins HD Premium and it’s for the iPad. And it’s free. Otherwise it wouldn’t be here.

FREE ANOTHER GAME: The classic footy management classic Championship Manager 01/02. Some say this version of the game will never be bettered. Get it for your PC and find out.

(freebies found by timtom786, Wilson, winni77, antdav, SUPERMACK and Siekiera)


  • Mike H.
    Asking my Mrs if she wanted to put her fingers in my ring, ended with a slap.
  • Uri C.
    She didn't mind diong it for me though...

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