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1118228_1 Stickers, a towel, a game, some music and more. All brought to you courtesy of the good folks at HotUKDeals and all FREE.

FREE MUPPET STICKERS: To celebrate the forthcoming Muppets film Cravendale are banging out some free stickers. Get on it.

FREE TOWEL: Not just a free towel but a free ‘microfiber’ towel. That’s good, right?

FREE MOVIE RENTALS: Become a new member instore at a Blockbuster store and you’ll be able to get 14 days of free movie rentals. Easy job.

FREE POTATO KIT: This one’s for the schools – register by 3rd February and the school of your choice will get a potato growing kit. If many of you do it, there will be many potatoes.

FREE CIDER: On your birthday. With Brothers cider. Nice Brothers.

FREE GAME: It’s called ‘Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy’ and it normally costs £7.99. You’re welcome.

FREE DJ SHADOW ALBUM: Called ‘The DJ Shadow Remix Project’, it’s some DJ Shadow stuff as remixed by his fans. And it’s free.

(thanks to HUKD members Dontforg3t, TallerPaul, oxDAVIDxo, chesso, logie31, manya6020 and Browny1979)

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  • Mike H.
    Which child wants to grow a fucking potato?

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