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13 December 2011

Kindle Fancy some free stuff? Course you do. Here…

FREE KINDLE BOOKS: Some free ebooks for your Kindle.

MORE FREE KINDLE BOOKS: Some more free ebooks for your Kindle.

EVEN MORE FREE KINDLE BOOKS: Even more free ebooks for your Kindle.

YET MORE FREE KINDLE BOOKS: Yet more free ebooks for your Kindle. That’s all the free ebooks you’re getting for your Kindles.

FREE LIL-LETS: We don’t know what these are.

FREE IPLAYER APP: The BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service thing finally gets its own iOS app.

FREE GAME: It’s Empire Earth: Gold Edition and it sounds tremendous.

FREE STIR FRY SHOT: From the mouth of the Blue Dragon – spice up any stir fry in an instant.

FREE BEATLES EBOOK: From the Apple bookstore, it’s Yellow Submarine. Where we all live, etc…

FREE PORRIDGE: A 750g box of Jordan’s porridge oats. FOR NOTHING.

FREE FLIGHT CONTROL: The hugely-popular aircraft-landing game, now free for iDevices.


  • Mike H.
    Free porridge, mmmmmm cos it's really expensive innit?
  • justin t.
    Mike Hock ur name sounds like MY C0CK
  • Hugh J.
    Oi Justin time. Leave Mike Hock alone.
  • The B.
    "FREE LIL-LETS: We don’t know what these are." How can you not know what they are? The British military use them as field dressings for bullet wounds, that's it, used by MEN.
  • Chris P.
    Shut up the lot of you !
  • Mr. N.
    You lot have such stupid names, I bet people took the mickey at school.
  • Mr M.
    Hehe - you lot with your funny names....:)

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