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1075958_1 It’s time to bandy the F-word around willy-nilly again. The F-word of course being ‘FREE’ – that’s because it’s our regular round-up of all the free stuff that you can have from HotUKDeals at the moment.

FREE MONEY-OFF VOUCHERS: For PC World and Currys – one every day until Christmas. Some kind of app may be involved.

FREE TEA: There’s always free tea if you look hard enough. Today it’s from Twinings.

FREE FIFA 12: For the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Get it. That is all.

FREE LUBE: Yes, that’s right, we said ‘lube’. It’s Durex Play, and Durex want you to test it for them. Saucy.

FREE TOOTHPASTE: It’s Aquafresh – rumour has it that you might get a whole tube. Hey, you’ve got to be in it to win it…

FREE INTERNET SECURITY: It’s Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 and it’s free for four years. It’s unlikely that The Internet will still be around by 2015 but it’s still worth a look.

FREE AUDIOBOOKS: Ordinary people reading extraordinary books. And it won’t cost you a bean to listen to them doing it.

FREE EBOOKS: More than 13,700 of them, if it’s numbers that you’re after. From The Book Depository. Go on, we’ll race you to see who can read them all first.

The Freebies section is also a great place to find free tickets for preview screenings of new cinema releases. We don’t include them in the round-up as they tend to get snapped up too quickly – so keep checking the site.

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