The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

1066765_1 Of course, we’re not just here for those of you that like spending money – we’re all about the FREE STUFF as well. So here’s a round-up of some of the finest freebies that are at HotUKDeals at the moment.

FREE MICHAEL MCINTYRE TICKETS: Bit of a lottery this one, but you might be lucky... AND NOT GET ANY! Ha ha ha ha ha!

FREE PARENTING GIFT: Advice and a free gift. Could be a baby bottle, could be a packet of rubbers.

FREE FIRST AID APP: From the guys and gals and St. John Ambulance, an app that will help you get a thorn out of a human’s paw as well as other perilous nasties.

FREE RABBIDS STUFF: From the games of the same name, join the fan club and get freebies like beach balls, key rings etc.

FREE TENA MEN SAMPLE: Admit it lads, you need it.

FREE LEGO TOY: An Alien Conquest Adu Walker toy no less, whatever that is. Warning: this may involve giving your personal details to The Sun.

FREE NAPPIES: More baby-related items. Get a £4.00 off voucher for some nappies that Boots are selling for £3.75. That equals free in our book.

FREE DR PEPPER: If you’re clever (and a bit evil), this could mean free Dr Pepper FOREVER. Or until the offer ends.

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