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1063544_1 Fancy spending the evening gathering up some free stuff? You're in the right place. Gather away you little monkeys...

FREE HOTEL ROOM: Free hotel accommodation this Christmas if you're a couple called Mary and Joseph.Or if your name is Jesus. Genius.

FREE CHOCOLATE: 100 grams of it as well, none of your 'free square' nonsense.

FREE KEYRING BOTTLE OPENER: For all your emergency, on-the-move bottle-opening situations. You know the ones we mean. Don't you?

FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS: 'Tracks' from 'hot' 'acts' like Glasvegas, Matt Cardle, Snow Patrol and Manic Street Preachers. There's no catch, apart from the fact that you might not like them.

FREE INSULATION: Turn your house all cosy and nesty for the total sum of nothing at all.

FREE PAYG SIM CARD: Say goodbye forever to nasty old contracts and pay as you mother-effin' go with one of these.

FREE KINDLE BOOKS: All the latest freebies for your reading machine. Our favourite? The Lady And The Locksmith by Cody Young.

FREE FOOD AND DRINK: To be precise, a hot drink and a mince pie. Oh, and a copy of the i 'newspaper' for you to peruse as your suck on your goodies.

FREE GAME: It's only Burn The Rope: Worlds (pictured) - like Burn The Rope, but with the addition of erm, worlds.

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    Yeah baby! Get in!

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