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1030244_1 Free stuff. Here. Now.

FREE PORTAL 2 THING: It’s called Peer Review and it’s the first free DLC for Portal 2. That might as well have been in Greek for all that it meant to us.

FREE SNIFF: A sample of ‘1 Million’ from Paco Rabanne. Now you can smell like Puff Daddy or Terry Wogan or any other high-achiever who may or may not wear this stuff.

FREE SKIN PERFECTOR: More gloop for your skin from Garnier. This stuff will change your life – even if it’s only slightly.

FREE FORZA 4 THING: It’s an Xbox Premium theme for the car-driving game – a BMW M5 apparently. Again, this is utterly meaningless to us.

FREE COFFEE: Now this we understand. It’s from Roasters and it’s free. Just do it.

FREE CHOCOLATES: Answer a question, fill in your details (or ‘deets’ as we’re calling them these days) and a box of chocolates could be winging its way to your face very soon.

FREE LAPTOP TRACKING: Find out what your laptop is up to when you’re not near it. More crucially, find out where it is when some twat’s nicked it.

(freebies found by HUKD members grathina2000, false prophet, leopardspots, Avenger1324, dmusking, rincewynd6, sfakley)

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