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24 January 2011

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 13.05.52HEY! LOOK AT US! We’ve got free things here for you! No, really! All from HotUKDeals...

FREE TEEN SCREEN CINEMA TICKET: Are you a teen who likes looking at a screen? More specifically, a screen in a cinema? This could be for you!

FREE REMOTE ACCESS COMPUTER THING PROGRAM: Control your computer from somewhere else with the help of this program and another computer. It’s almost too magical to be able to imagine fully…

FREE PDF CONVERTER THING PROGRAM: Turn a PDF document into almost anything with this handy program. Except a trifle. Or a pen knife. Or a rugby ball. Etc etc etc…

FREE BADGE, FRISBEE AND MAGAZINE: Just join the Rabbids Fan Club and all that and more could be yours! No, we don’t know what a Rabbids are…

FREE GAME-BUYING REWARD CARD: Every time you buy a game from Gamestation, you could potentially be getting cashback towards future purchases. Do it!

FREE OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE: Tired of Windows? Try Ubuntu! It’s free and some say it’s even BETTER!

FREE STAR WARS PHOTO CHARACTER MAD THING: (pictured) Star Wars Starring You to be precise. Your face could appear in a Star Wars scene! No - us neither!

FREE LIFE-SAVING CAR STICKER: A ‘Think Bike! Think Biker!’ sticker for your car. An awareness-raising measure that could help spare the life of one of those annoying, buzzing road-wasps.

(freebies found by HUKD users lukellawncariad, Ulyssees3100, jamie19916, hodsey77, RossMission, timbogay, crazehost and SilverBandit)

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