The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

995071_1 As last week’s city activities showed, everyone’s simply CRAZY for free stuff. Courtesy of the 'Freebies' section of HotUKDeals, here’s some that you can have without having to smash windows or risk landing yourself a 6-month stretch in the big house.

FREE TEST DRIVE AND SAFARI PARK ENTRY: Drive around one of a number of safari parks in a Hyundai i40 and do it for nowt! Doesn’t even matter if a monkey shits on the bonnet!

FREE ANTI-MALWARE PROGRAM: It’s called Spybot – Search And Destroy 2.0 and it’s a free beta version. It sounds capable of destroying a small city, but in truth it probably can’t.

FREE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COURSE: Running for two months from October 10th, it’s being taught at the fancy-pants Stanford University but you can access it online without even leaving your bed.

FREE CITY GUIDE: Brought to you from KLM, who know about cities and that. Pick your city of choice and then select the chapters that you’d like to be in it.

FREE SEEDS: Speedy Mix salad leaves to be precise. Sign up and they could be yours. Their name suggests that they’ll grow in about an hour or something.

FREE DOG TREATS: For to treat your dog with of course. From Bakers – the dog treat people. Not much else to say about this one.

FREE DRINK: In an actual pub. A Marston’s pub, if you’re so keen to know more. Your free drink will be either a bottle of Bulmers or a bottle of Jacques.

(freebies found by HUKD members simonsdeals, tasman23, HESSIAN, cw86, Simona, atrixo and lewymd)

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