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992337_1 Look people – we ALL want free stuff but we don’t go around smashing windows to get at it. Some of us simply follow the guidance in the freebies section of HotUKDeals. Here’s what’s up for grabs right now...

FREE CINEMA PREVIEW SCREENINGS: For NatWest customers. Which is great if you are one. And not so great if you’re not.

FREE CAR SAFETY ADVICE: Check out safety recalls on your car and find out if it’s due to fall apart or not.

FREE MUSIC: An mp3 compilation from the Domino label, including tracks by chart-bothering artists like Animal Collective, The Kills, Four Tet and Arctic Monkeys.

FREE ALMONDS: Not just any old almonds, these are Blue Diamond almonds. No, us neither.

FREE EIGHT QUID: A credit of £8.00 when you do something or other with Groupon. No, YOU go and find out what it is.

FREE BOOZE: Bacardi Cuba Libre or Mojito. Obviously, you’ll need to be over 18 to do this one.

FREE ICE CREAM: Get this though – it’s ANGEL DELIGHT ice cream! It literally doesn’t get any better than this.

(freebies found by HUKD members talisman1216, sabz786, boz, moonmonkey, Username50, melker and the2ocan)

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  • Steve
    So the last post having a go at a business mentioning the riots in a joke tweet, who when they realised it might be in slightly poor taste removed and offered apologies, and yet its fine for you folks to do so as you have in the last few introductions. Double standards?

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