The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals

987338_1 It’s hot out there folks. Hot like er, hot lemonade. So let’s celebrate by gathering up a tasty bundle of wonderful free stuff from over at HotUKDeals. Some of it can be done outdoors! In the hot!

FREE MULTIPLAYER CHARACTER: To be precise, a ‘Griffin’ Gears Of War 3 multiplayer character. It sounds intense but we don’t know what it is.

FREE AIRSHOW ON A SANDY BEACH: A 2-day airshow, in Lowestoft. You can give a donation and get a sticker, but if you don’t fancy that, it’s free!

FREE QUIDCO APP: Now for the dreaded Android phone, from our cousin site Quidco, a simpler way to get money back while you buy stuff on the move. Or something.

FREE ANOTHER AIRSHOW: For those of you with an aversion to Lowestoft. This one is in beautiful Blackpool.

FREE BEPANTHEN: It’s the cream that will alleviate nappy fresh and the sting of a fresh tattoo. A sample of it could be yours for nothing.

FREE DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES: Don’t pay for enquiring about what’s in a directory. Look here – it’s free!

FREE NECTAR POINTS: 100 of them. All you do is fill in a form. It’s basically free money.

(freebies found by HUKD members Hypnoticstate, MKultra, wabbit42, k8tie1980, Hotpuppy, jp22 and leecroot)


  • Stringer B.
    No links... Also-re. the Quidco app; why is the Android phone "dreaded"? Just realised Andy Dawson is an anagram of Apple Fanboy.
  • The B.
    Are you sure it's the Android that's dreaded? I'd have said Quidco was dreaded, presumably you can use the app but if it doesn't work then you can only report the fault between weeks 4 and 7?
  • The B.
    In fact, why woudl you need a Quidco app on Android, you can use the website perfectly well? Although you'd be better off using Topcashback.
  • Zelda
    Ver ist de Linkz?
  • Euan
    Looks like the links decided to be free too.. :-)
  • Grumpy
    @The Real Bob The App lets you earn money just by visiting stores. Not bad if your app is checking as you walk past them on your way home! :o)

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