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22 June 2011

961855_1 Here... CATCH! It’s a bunch of free stuff all purloined from the secret part of HotUKDeals that everyone forgets about....

FREE WELSH LESSONS: Some free MP3s that will help you speak the language that they’re all* learning right now! (*people who are currently learning Welsh)

FREE KIDS VESTS: Not just any old vests though folks – these are high visibility ones! It’s easy to scoff though (even though we weren’t), but if these things save one kid’s life then this post was worthwhile. Unless he grows up to be a dick.

FREE FAMILY GUY ONLINE GAME THING: Sign up an be a beta tester or something on this forthcoming game thing, as well as getting credits for it. You won’t be surprised to learn that we don’t know what this is about.

FREE SWYPE: A beta version of Swype 3.0 for Android. We’re not sure what this is either. This isn’t going too well is it?

FREE CHILDREN’S AUDIOBOOK – FOR ADULTS: Read by Samuel L Jackson, it’s called ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’. Parents everywhere will identify with it.

FREE CD OF BIRD SOUNDS: From the RSPB, a delightful disc filled with the sounds of garden birds.

(freebies found by HUKD members mr_chambo, Becky2010, CallyNolan, DEDCARBON, Alexgadgetman and mummyk123)

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  • Bill O.
    I have the free CD of bird sounds, I have to say I was rather expecting avian calls rather than shouts of "Oy Darren, getcher arse in ere, yer dinners ready".

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