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948633_1 Let’s get this inevitable shitbundle of a week off to a half-decent start with a selection of the finest freebies that can be had over at HotUKDeals at the moment. Hoover up that stuff you big babies...

FREE SCIENCE BOOKS: In PDF format – now you can become a boffin, literally overnight!

FREE DVD-RIPPING SOFTWARE: WonderFox 2.0 to be precise. Leave all your wearisome fox-bumming jokes in the box at the bottom of the page.

FREE DOCTOR WHO GAME: Mazes Of Time. Free on iTune. Pity that Doctor Who is a load of rubbish but there you go...

FREE FACIAL WASH: Nelson’s Pure & Clear Facial Wash actually. It’ll make your face go all pure and clear in that unique Nelson’s style. Oh yes.

FREE GAMES: On iTunes. LOADS of them. Including Crazy Snowboard, Camera Fun Pro, Rhythm Spirit, Microbe Chain and Skido. What are you waiting for?


FREE COLDPLAY CD: With NINE tracks on it. You can take that any way you want it people.

FREE PAPER DRAGON: One that will watch you as you move around the room. Not sure – maybe it’s got some kind of little paper dragon engine inside it...

FREE PRE-PAID EURO MASTERCARD (pictured): No, it doesn’t have free Euros on it – you’ll have to put your own on/in it.

(freebies found by HUKD members mrsean2k, Boogie83e, theonlytazman, becky2010, thebrowns98, cjmsmith, burky69 and eire og)

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