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947582_1 Pile up your cash and burn it – it’s no good any more. We’re living in an age of freeconomics – and all of this stuff is yours for nothing, courtesy of the mighty HotUKDeals...

FREE WHATSAPP MESSENGER THING: Apparently it’s like sending texts but it’s free. All the cool kids are into it. That and Glee.

FREE ELASTOPLASTER: Not to be confused with a free session with Cynthia Plastercaster (look it up).

FREE ANDROID EMULATION APPS: Allowing you to play emulated versions of classic games.

FREE CHOCOLATE BARS: The best phrase in the English language. These are Flubit bars. No, us neither.

FREE ACTIVATION OF VIRGIN MEDIA HD: Would normally cost you £49.95 but until June 29th, it’ll be costing you NOWT.

FREE GRAND THEFT AUTO GAMES: They’re old but they’re gold. Get ‘em downloaded now and start driving round and causing a nuisance of yourself inside your computer.

(freebies found by HUKD members kamen, theman369, DLC, HORLET, dsmuk and emz13x)

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