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11 June 2013

unnamed Want some free stuff? Here’s some. There’s also loads more in the rather wonderful freebies section of HotUKDeals. Play nicely, eh?

FREE TEKKEN REVOLUTION: Jam this in your PS3 and start playing. Simple.

FREE SKIN GLOOP: Something called the Nivea Dare To Dip Kit Giveaway. Sounds pretty sordid. We like it.

FREE WEATHER APP: From the BBC, and for Android and iOS. Now you can know the weather wherever you are without looking at the sky.

FREE ICE DRINK: If your weather app tells you that it’s hot, get to Café Nero and have one of these for free.

FREE KINDLE BOOK: Windows 8 Made Easy. Free of charge. There, that’ll make that tricky operating system all nice and simple for you won’t it?

FREE TEA: Because there’s always free tea. In this case, it’s Twinings.

FREE E45: What more could you possibly need to know. E45. Free.

(freebies found by avid HUKD users kevkool, elena17484, theGreatSkua, prk, gerrymig, aclondon and nandito39)

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