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The fun is over and the tortuous daily grind that we’ve already come to associate with 2013 is well underway. Never mind – console yourselves with some free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals NOW…

FREE ENTRY TO KEW GARDENS: Limited numbers and only valid until the end of Friday so HURRY UP.

FREE RADIOHEAD: What better way to see in the new year than a download of a live performance from 2006 from pop’s cheeriest bunch?

FREE PLAYSTATION PLUS: A chance to get a month of the good stuff pumped into your PS box for nothing. There’s even talk of you being able to do it more than once.

FREE HOT DRINK: If you’re an O2 Priority Moments user, get into Caffe Nero and bag yourself a hot drink for nowt. Cup it in your hands and think warmly of us.

FREE CALENDAR: Okay, so it’s not a saucy French cheese one – the theme is Ontario Outdoor Adventures, but it won’t cost you a single cent (or whatever they spend in Ontario).

FREE UP: You might have sobbed at it on the telly on New Year’s Day. If you didn’t, you can sob at it on the iPlayer for the next few days.

(freebies found by HUKD members MRGB, f3lix, subway, sarahmm, krell and 5ack8oy)

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