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Games! Santa-tracking software! Chocolate orange! All that and more is free for you if that’s what you’re into, courtesy of the good people at HotUKDeals. Call it our Christmas gift to YOU. Get stuck in!

FREE GAME: It’s Metro 2033, you can bung it into your PC and it’s yours for nothing (although some Facebookery is required).

FREE VTECH CHRISTMAS DOWNLOADS: We don’t know what this is.

FREE SANTA-TRACKING APP: It’s from NORAD, and is the, erm, official Santa-tracking app.

FREE WHATSAPP: The hugely-popular communication app is free for a short while. Go on, save yourselves 69p or whatever it normally is.

MORE FREE GAMES: All the best iOS games that have been reduced to ZERO PENCE for the festive season…


FREE EBAY: Insertion fees scrapped from Boxing Day until New Year’s Day. Quick – flog off all the unwanted tat you get on Tuesday.

FREE 0800, 0845, 0870 MOBILE CALLS: Yours with the help of the neat WEQ4U service. They’ll stay on hold for you so that you don’t have to. And as you’ll use an 0333 number, it’s free.

FREE WI-FI: Get up the Asda and get some free wi-fi while you’re there.

(freebies found by HUKD members soxxy008, donna0284, teddy2paws, adrd, silverchriz, danboi63, deb8z, steveh2009 and Mashhh)

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