The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff from HotUKDeals...

Grape juice! Porridge! Face kindness! Just some of the things that you can get for FREE thanks to the freebies section of HotUKDeals right now. What a palaver!

FREE MAP APP: It’s City Maps 2Go and it’s for iOS devices. 7,800 detailed maps that will go easy on your roaming data.

FREE XBOX GAME: It’s Wreckateer and we’ve got no idea if it’s any use or not.

FREE GRAPE JUICE: A whole litre of it. Down in one?

FREE PORRIDGE: Down in one?

FREE MEAL: Albeit a Weight Watchers Select chilled meal. Still, down in one?

FREE RUNNING PODCASTS: Couch to 5k running podcasts from the NHS to be more specific.

FREE DJ APP: Install the iOS djay app and you can pretend you’re Dave Lee Tra… actually, maybe not.

FREE EYE-KINDNESS: A program that will ‘warm up’ your screen at night, thereby protecting your eyes from the harsh glare when you’re perusing your Facebooks.

FREE GLASS HIRE: We don’t know what this is or how it works.

(freebies found by avid HotUKDeals members Kapitein, JoshUK, expressman33, PurpleLassie, Plumbz, Short_Giraffe, LaterrMaterr, simo2445 and magicjay1986)

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