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Bitterwallet Skype iPhone app banned Here you go – have some free stuff. No, seriously, it’s all free, from HotUKDeals. TAKE IT!!!

FREE WINDOWS 8 MEDIA CENTRE: It’s supposed to be a £9.99 add-on to Microsoft’s new OS, but here it is for nothing!

FREE CHRISTMAS STORY: It’s only Twas The Night Before Christmas – A Visit From St. Nicholas by, erm, Jesus? Free in ebook form for your Kindle.

FREE SIM: With £5.00 credit thrown in! It’s from Vectone – no, us neither.

FREE BEJEWELED 2: The Android version – bung it in your ‘device’ and play away…

FREE WORLDWIDE SKYPE: Unlimited calling free for a month. That’s Skype-to-Skype AND you can also call offline contacts on their mobiles and landlines. Woof!

FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT: Stop wasting time with your GP and get in touch with The NHS Minor Ailments service. If you’re suffering from something small and niggly, perhaps they can help you.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members Youngy, myst3rion, betabelf, jik22, Holidaypirates and mcpaddy)

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  • Kevin
    The Windows Media Centre was originally supposed to be a chargable thing but they changed their mind. Of course if you have Windows 8 you do need to buy not only a programme with a license to watch blurays but also dvd burning software as neither of those things are included (probably as it's a tablet os). Don't sing about that do they.

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