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8 April 2011

915137_1 Free stuff. Here. Now. All of it courtesy of HotUKDeals. You should be falling at our feet with thankingness.

FREE PLANT-GROWING MUSIC: From Mozart, said to aid the growth of plants. Erm, right, yeah.

FREE BEETROOT SEEDS: Don’t be tempted to eat them now – wait until they’ve turned into actual beetroots.

FREE HELICOPTER AVATAR FOR XBOX LIVE: Not sure where to begin with this one. Haven’t got a clue what it is.

FREE XBOX 360 ARCADE GAME: Hexic HD. Sounds utterly amazing. No idea what it’s about.

FREE KINDLE BOOKS: That’s right… free! Includes The Maverick Experiment by Drew Berquist and about 19 others.

FREE PHOTOS: To be more precise, 40 6x4 prints. They can be of anything except knockers.

FREE SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES SESSIONS: For the kids, for throughout the Easter holidays. Keep 'em occupied and get 'em worn out - that's a top parenting tip there for you.

(freebies found by HUKD members justcricket, andywedge, mummyk123, jamsk1, Boz, hulse2k)

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  • Tweedskin
    The free beetroot link is linking to the Sports and activities page. I WANT FREE BEETROOT SEEDS!
  • Mel
    Yeah, I want beetroot too, and I searched on HUKD and couldn't find it. Someone please link it?
  • Mr C.
    You need to buy the Mail on Sunday to get free beetroot seeds, so they are not free. They cost you about £2 plus your sanity if you dare read the paper. No doubt beetroot seeds give you cancer, and cause an influx of illegal immigrants as they like the smell.
  • Tweedskin
    Fuck That! I'm not giving money to the Mail for free Beetroot. Those fuckers can keep it. My racist Nan on the other hand.....
  • Andy D.
    Here's the beetroot seeds link and you DON'T have to buy the Daily Mail... Link amended in the main story as well.

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