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1318280_1 A magazine! Some 007 sniff! A go on a mobile phone! All that and slightly more has been dredged up from the glory hole (erm…) that is the freebie section of HotUKDeals over the past couple of days. Don’t forget to regularly check it for free cinema preview tickets as well…

FREE WI-FI: Superfast hot-spots around the country from O2 – and you don’t have to be an O2 customer to take advantage of them.

FREE GUITAR MAGAZINE: Better still, it’s a digital guitar magazine! So there’ll be no environmental scarring when you decide you’ve had enough of it.

FREE JAMES BOND FRAGRANCE: 0.7ml of the stuff that James Bond wears as he lures all the ladies into bed. Supposedly. Let us know how you get on, eh?

FREE NOKIA MOBILE PHONE: A Lumia 800 or 900 or 808 handset for you. Here’s the smallprinty bit – it’s only for you to try out for a couple of weeks.

FREE ENERGY REBATE: You could be entitled to a Warm Home Rebate if you qualify for certain benefits. Which has got to be good news as winter prepares to curl its icy fingers around our fat faces.

FREE CAR VALUATION: This would normally cost you £3.95 but right now you can find out how much your old banger is worth for absolutely zero. Don’t blame us when you’re disappointed.

FREE DRESS SIZE MEASURING TAPE: We don’t know what this is.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members evil_dave, andywedge, computerbar, Zabrallo, Mandz27 and JPS)

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