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1312364_1 Games! Reggae! Loft conversion advice! All of that and loads more has been hauled out of the freebies section of HotUKDeals and is hereby presented for you to have a good old gawp at…

FREE 2GB MICRO SD CARD: Just fill in your details and it’ll be winging its way to you.

FREE MOISTURER: Courtesy of Dove – a 15ml sample to the first 20,000 of you who get to their site and hand over your personal info.

FREE BORDERLANDS 2: Getting this couldn’t be easier – just go to London’s Brick Lane on Sunday and do a bungee jump off a crane. Sorted.

FREE REGGAE: Who among us doesn’t want a bit of free reggae in their lives? Here’s 72 minutes of it from Freedom Soundsystem.

FREE CLOUD STORAGE: 25GB of it from Box. There’s also a handy tip that will allow you to double that (to 50GB, maths fans).

FREE FAMILY HISTORY: Research your family tree for free, with the help of the Daily Mail. Don’t blame us if you turn out to be related to Stalin or one of that lot.

FREE LOFT CONVERSION EBOOK: Arguably one of the premier guides to doing a loft conversion. Normally £28.45 but right now it’ll cost you nothing.

FREE BLACK MESA: It’s a Half Life 1 remake apparently. We’ve got absolutely no idea what that might entail.

(freebies found by HUKD members cammyg1, vinnynice, TroubleMaker411, Boz, fezen, ray magini, de_deej and Aristotle)

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