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8 September 2012

1305246_1 A game! Toothpaste! Points! All those and slightly more can be yours if you mosey over to the freebies section at HotUKDeals. Here’s the best of the bunch right now…

FREE NATIONAL TRUST GOINGS-ON: Free entry to selected sites from yesterday until Sunday. Why not roam around an old ruin for a bit?

FREE REWARD POINTS: 1,000 of them, at The Game Collection. We’ve got no idea what this means.

FREE TEMPLE RUN: Not just any old Temple Run, but Temple Run Brave – the game of the film of the same name and that. Free in the Apple App Store.

FREE COKE ZONE POINTS: Five of them to be precise. Jam them right up your Coke Zone eh?

FREE TOOTHPASTE: A sample of Aquafresh Fresh & Minty. Imagine the possibilities….

FREE STICKER: Just what you’ve been waiting for – a Google Chrome sticker! You can stick it next to the Firefox one we featured the other week and let them fight it out.

FREE VIDEO EDITING APP: It's called Pinnacle Studio and it says here that it's a great alternative to iMovies for your iPad. Happy with that?

(freebies found by Spenfica, goonertillidie, LaterrMaterr, fudge98, gother, ct1989 and fizz)

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