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1296172_1 Perfume! Video editing stuff! A milk thing! All that and more could be yours if you hop, skip and/or jump over to the wondrous freebies section at the also-wondrous HotUKDeals. Feast your eyes on THIS lot…

FREE RECIPE CALENDAR: A calendar! Filled with recipes! What could be better than THAT?

FREE PERFUME: It’s Boss Nuit. French name. Must be good. Get yourself a sample.

FREE DOCTOR WHO: A daily webcast this coming week – get a load of it at the BBC’s website.

FREE MCDONALD’S STUFF: A hamburger, cheeseburger or McFlurry with every extra value meal – but ONLY if you’re a student.

FREE VIDEO EDITING APP: For iOS, it’s quite called Video Camera. Catchy title, snazzy app – usually £5.49 but yours now for nothing.

FREE JUST MILK SAMPLE: We don’t know what this is.

FREE DICTIONARY: A Collins English dictionary no less, but it’s only yours via O2 Priority Moments. So if you’re not O2, you’re missing out.

(freebies found by HUKD members mhadley, Moromir, summerjoo, PaulNT, antdav, coffeychild and ather7851)

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