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24 July 2012

1271357_1 Knives! Cupcakes for dogs! Microsoft Office! Just some of the things that crop up in our latest round-up of the best free stuff from HotUKDeals. It’s also a great resource for free cinema tickets but they tend to go like hotcakes rather than cupcakes. Do you see what we did there…?

FREE SWISS ARMY KNIFE: It’s personalised too! But the bad news is that you have to collect in person from a store in London.

FREE CLAY SAMPLE: It’s Montagne Jeunesse and is a “revolutionary new clay”. Nope, no idea here…

FREE CUPCAKE FOR DOGS: It’s a cupcake for dogs. What more do you need to know about it?

FREE FRAGRANCE: Boss Orange to be precise. A combination of the scent of a business leader and a mobile phone provider. Or something.

FREE JOHN PEEL DOWNLOAD: Peel’s final ever ‘Perfumed Garden’ show from 1968. All five hours and 22 minutes of it. Hippymania!

FREE PHOTOGRAPHY APP: DMD Panorama – a highly-rated app for all you photogs out there. Now free for iOS and Android.

FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE: A trial version of Office 2013 that will expire approximately 60 days after the official release date – which means you’ll have it free for the next seven months.

(free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals members afrayed, alison1989, stonesfan1982, laloopatel, Boz, robdougall and RoughNeckTwoZero)

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