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17 July 2012

FREE_Swim_TOP_4 Free food! Free drinks! Free T-shirts! Free MONEY! All that and more could possibly be yours if you click on the correct links and follow the instructions as found in HotUKDeals’ freebies section to the absolute letter…

FREE BAGUETTE AND DRINK: You’ll need to be an O2 customer for this one but if you are, a mini-feast could soon be going into your face for free.

FREE SWIMMING: Just get in the sea or your nearest river and start swimming! Alternatively, take up this offer from British Gas.

FREE T-SHIRT: An Oracle T-shirt. Something to do with teletext? All you need to do is fill in a four-question survey.

FREE XBOX LIVE THINGS: We don’t know what this is but you can possibly win stuff.

FREE KINDLE BOOKS: Here’s a big list – fill your e-reader with literature that is too good to pay for.

FREE COFFEE MORNING KIT: Macmillan Cancer Support are having a MASSIVE coffee morning on 28th September – you can be a part of it here.

ANOTHER FREE T-SHIRT: This one is a Sci-MX one. What with that and your Oracle one, you’ll be the toast of your town.

FREE SKY SPORTS: If you’re not a subscriber, get a sample of what it’s all about this weekend (20-22 July). Includes darts from Blackpool, so that’s nice.

FREE LANGUAGE: Learn Spanish, easily and (most importantly) for FREE. Bella bella!

FREE MONEY: £9.09 cashback could be yours for nothing. Worth a try, eh?

(freebies found by HUKD users robpw2, Zigbee123, zahidworld, Moonmonkeys, Boz, Kissable89Beauty, ether707, natty11, mr_chambo and Swazy911)


  • A P.
    FREE SWIMMING????? But what if you don't live near a pool or the sea or a river? You'd have to pay for a bus/car/train to get there, which leaves most people with a rather limited choice of things to do – especially if their children aren’t up to walking miles and miles every day…
  • Mad H.
    With the weather lately, you can probably swim to get there too

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