The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals

754972_1 Let’s smash a champagne bottle against the hull of the new week and start the party with a bunch of stuff that won’t cost you a single penny. That’s all thanks to the magic of HotUKDeals – the place where dreams come true.

FREE MEMORY STICK: No, we don’t how big it is but it’s free of charge so why don’t you show a bit of gratitude instead of asking stupid questions all the time.

FREE BACK TO SCHOOL GOODY BAG: Vitamins, tissues and head lice-repelling shampoo. Everything the modern scrawny schoolkid needs.

FREE AIR FRESHENER: It’s erm, some free air freshener. It gets no more or less exciting than that.

FREE SKYPE CREDIT: A million vouchers for Skype credit. The world’s gone talking-on-the-internet-crazy!

FREE HEAD LICE-REPELLING SHAMPOO: Yes, just like a bit further up. But theis time there’s more of it.

FREE DENTAL CHECK FOR PETS: Because, hey, animals have teeth too.

FREE AUDIO/VIDEO STREAMING APP: For your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – allowing you to listen to or watch the stuff in your iTunes library. It’s iBonkers!

FREE AUDIOBOOK: Yes Man by Danny Wallace (pictured). Yes. Yes. YES!

[deals found by HUKD members pinkmelonsmr2, holly100, pozmu, mikwp72, tommytom2, KingCampo and andysjones]


  • hju
    Applied fo Skype. Says 3 dazys. Its been3.SHIT DONT COME like yesman. hate jim carrey. good fo me
  • Me
    Danny Wallace is a God in my house.

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