The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals

1139159_1 Valentine’s cards, drink, stuff removal and maybe some money. All free and there for the taking, thanks to the Freebies section over at HotUKDeals. What are you waiting for?

FREE PERSONALISED CARD: In case you can think of any kind of upcoming special day where you might want a special card.

FREE MOVIES: All streaming into your computer and all legal. A big list of sources for all your streaming movie fun.

FREE GAMES AND DRINK: You could get a free copy of Deus Ex and Shogun 2 for the PC AND a free drink if you go to a special place at a special time. That’s all we’re saying.

FREE STUFF COLLECTION: Get your unwanted furniture and electrical goods carted out of your house for nothing – and it’s all for a good cause.

FREE MONEY: Possibly, if you’ve got some lying around in lost or forgotten accounts. Worth a bash.

FREE CAR RIDE AND STUFF: Take a Fiat Punto for a test drive and you’ll get a £15 Ticketmaster voucher and a one year membership to something or other.

(freebies found by verdhy, siliconbits, niknak, Aeschylus, mofokiss and Gr44)

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