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Cathedral City Bet you never woke up this morning and imagined you’d be staring down the barrel of some free cheese did you? Well you are, so suck it up. There’s that and loads more here, courtesy of HotUKDeals…

FREE CHEESE: Not just any skanky old cheese. Oh no, this is Catherdral City Extra Mature, brewed from real cathedrals. 350g of it can be yours for nothing, with the help of a voucher.

FREE LUBE: Admittedly, it’s pre-watershed, but yes, free lube, from the boffins at Durex. Ooof!

FREE PEA RECIPES: Because why shouldn’t the humble pea be excluded from the culinary world? Scores of exciting pea recipes, collected together in one book. May or may not contain ‘Cheesy Peas’ to be made with your aforementioned free Cathedral City.

FREE WALLPAPER: Sorry, but it isn’t for your walls – it’s for your computer screen. High resolution though, AND beautiful, or so we’re led to believe.

FREE MOVIES: Courtesy of the Indie Movies Online website. Helpfully, one of the movies, Cashback, is described by HotUKDeals member oddballjamie as ‘pure filth, but very arty’. THANKS!

FREE SKIN GLOOP: It’s Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser. Apparently it’s full size and you also get goodies to the value of £50 with it. Wonder if there’s a cream that can wipe this cynical look off our faces…

FREE FOOTBALL MATCH: Sutton United v Borehamwood. February 14th. Free of charge. Yes, Valentine’s Day. They’ll probably play Only The Lonely as the teams run out on to the pitch. We’ll be there.

(thanks to HotUKDeals users ScrewYou, Feisty, manya6020, Jas10, tomwatts and Behan_02)


  • Rich
    Awwwwww, no free cheese it's spam!!!
  • Fat S.
    The cheese offer's a dud you fucking morons.
  • M4RKM
    Damn, I wanted free cheese.
  • Rich
    I didnt want free spam...I wanted free cheese...gimme the cheese!
  • another m.
    three cheers for the free cheese. Hip-Hip.....

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