The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals

979277_1 Reader, get yourself a sack. Make it a strong sack, made from hessian or maybe vulcanised rubber or better still iron. Now open it wide, for here is a huge bunch of free bits of stuff that you can pour into it, all courtesy of HotUKDeals...

FREE BROADBAND: Six months of it, from O2, available for both new and existing customers.

FREE CARS MOVIE: Okay, it’s only on the iPlayer, but it might keep your kids amused for an hour and a bit or so.

FREE FANTASY FOOTBALL GAME: The official Barclays Premier League version, online and free to play. Let’s set up a Bitterwallet league! Oh, let’s not.

FREE SPLOSION MAN DLC: For the Xbox. We don’t really know what this is.

FREE FRISBEE: Hell yeah, some circular plastic for you to chuck around and cause untold damage in built-up areas with. Beautiful.

FREE NIRVANA TRIBUTE ALBUM: Loads of artists cover Nevermind in its entirety. Because it was released 20 years ago. We feel really old now.

FREE CHEMICAL BROTHERS ALBUM: MORE free music for you. Remixes of the tracks from their latest album – you’ll even get artwork and stuff as well.

(freebies found by HUKD members Sachin10, sancho1983, maoali, grathina2000, crazyterrier2000, mark0vens and diGriz)

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