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PG11073If you’re a savvy shopper, you probably consult HotUKDeals before you make a purchase. But did you know that there’s a section jam-packed with actual FREE stuff that won’t cost you a penny? Yes! It’s true! And here’s the finest

But that’s not all – if you regularly check the Freebies section, you’ll often find free preview tickets for the latest cinema releases. We don’t list them here because they’re never available for long, but it’s well worth checking back at HotUKDeals for new ones. Lecture over.

FREE KITCHEN COLLECTABLES: From Cravendale, formerly the home of the cyclist, the pirate and the cow but now it’s all about cats with thumbs. Plates, egg cups and the like available if you collect the codes.

FREE SHOWER HEAD: Worth £35, this could save you £££s off your water bill in the future. The snag is that you’ll need to be a Thames Water customer in order to qualify. What are you waiting for Cockneys?

FREE PASTEL CRAYONS: Unleash your creative urges by doing some beautiful drawings with these crayons. Send us your efforts and we’ll award a prize to the best one (obviously we won’t).

FREE ATKINS BAR: We’re not sure what this is – something to do with the Atkins diet maybe? Perhaps it’s a meat bar. If so… great!

FREE CHOPIN: (pictured) No, it’s NOT the corpse of the celebrated composer but just some of his music. Over an hour or so we’re led to believe. Guaranteed to cause relief from ‘Bieber Fever’

FREE GO CAT: The highly-rated (by cats) cat food is now available for you for no money. Don’t eat it yourself unless you’re utterly desperate.

FREE LUGGAGE TAG: Sounds dull doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. That’s because this is no ordinary luggage tag – it has your picture on it. We *think* that this might suffice as travel ID if you forget your passport, but we’re waiting for our legal team to get back to us on that one.

(freebies found by HUKD members compwin, thebrowns98, magdazdeb, wiggywig, janaltus and idlesaver)

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