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15 February 2011

876458_1Fancy some free stuff do you? Well there’s loads of it over in the Freebies section of HotUKDeals – here’s the very best of the recent offerings…

FREE FAT CAKE MAKING KIT: Recycle your household fat and feed it to the birds or an elderly relative who enjoys eating fat cakes with this.

FREE TEA: We always like a free tea deal and this one is Redbush tea. That’s pretty much it.

FREE £5 GIFT CARD: For Mamas & Papas. Knock some cash off your baby-related products. Spend the money you’ve saved on gin. You’ll fucking need it.

FREE SKIN-HEALING CREAM: Bepanthen to be precise. Great for healing nappy rash and also great for easing the pain of a fresh tattoo. Apparently.

FREE TOY STORY APP: Some kind of read-along thing for your iPad. We don’t know what that entails. What do you think this is – some kind of information service?

FREE ORANGE JUICE: From Innocent Drinks. Swig this stuff back and you’ll be immune from prosecution for any crimes you might commit in the following twelve hours. Or something.

(freebies found by HUKD members Headingley_Lad, magdazdeb, worlock666, tangoman1976 and lkscotland)

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  • Marky M.
    That Innocent bottle looks like something you pee in at a hospital (topical joke: if you're over 70, this is called "your bed")

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