The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals

854871_1 Once again we delve into the barrel marked ‘freebies’ that lurks in the corner of HotUKDeals, and pull out a fistful of stuff that could be yours for the princely sum of the square root of eff all.

FREE GOODIE BAG: Available from Tesco Pharmacy – you could soon be cuddling into free books, cereal bars, milk, tissues and goodness knows what else.

FREE DRIVING LESSON: Perfect if you want to learn to drive, or even if you just need a reminder on how to go around a roundabout properly.

FREE CAR PARK LOCATOR THING: For the finding of free car parking. A website that will help you save £££s in needless parking fees. Mind those roundabouts on your way there though.

FREE 3-MONTH TASTE CARD: What’s a Taste Card? Pah! It gets you reduced-priced nosh in high-class eateries. Not that kind of nosh you sick monkey.

FREE NBA LEAGUE: Watch live games and on-demand playbacks on your computer device straight from the greatest basketball league in the known (or otherwise) universe.

FREE COMMODORE 64 GAMES: (pictured) Again, to entertain you senseless on your personal computing machine of choice – wing your way back in time to the bygone era of games such as that one you used to love and that other one.

FREE MICROSOFT MATHEMATICS: This is from Microsoft and will help you with your mathematics. That’s as much as you’re getting from us about it.

(freebies found by HUKD members lucerysmym, sazzlebob, dennisdcfc, jamsk1 and Boogie83e)

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