The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuff courtesy of HotUKDeals

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 13.00.17 As we like to do now and then, here’s your round-up of the latest and bestest bits of free stuff that we’ve gleaned from the forums of HotUKDeals. Throw your cash in the bin – you won’t be needing it any more...

FREE ONLINE DATA STORAGE: That’ll be Dropbox – 2GB of online storage that you can access anywhere on a whole host of devices. Now you need never be too far away from your ‘special pictures’.

FREE THORNE AUDIOBOOK: As recently televised on Sky, here’s one of author Mark Billingham’s Thorne novels, in full and in your ears, free of charge.

FREE RUSTLER’S MEATBALL SUB: They might not suit the most delicate palate but by jove they’re more than satisfactory in a hangover and/or emergency.

FREE LIFE-SAVING OPPORTUNITY: You’re a couple of clicks away from joining the Organ Donor Register. Can you think of any good reason not to? Unless you’re Shane McGowan that is.

FREE XBOX LIVE WEEKEND: Coming up this very weekend (26th-28th) – Xbox Live open to all with Gold upgrade thrown in. Huzzah!

FREE PG TIPS MONKEY KNITTING ACTION: Knit yourself a realistic, lifelike-looking Monkey as featured in the TV ads. May require wool (which may cost extra)

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