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If you’re an avid reader, you’re probably aware that we have a strong and inseparable bond with HotUKDeals. They’re like the responsible, grown-up older sibling that we’re desperate to impress.

As well as pointing us in the direction of lots of bargains, there’s also a great freebie section – and here’s the best of the recent posts from it...

FREE JOHN FRIEDA GIFT SET: Worth £10, this is up for grabs for the first 10,000 applicants. We’re all regular users of John Frieda products and we’re going to be all over this one so you’d better pull your finger out if you want a piece.

FREE T-MOBILE/ORANGE NETWORK COVERAGE UPGRADE: Sign up to the amalgamated companies’ new everythingeverywhere lark, allowing to switch between networks depending on which is the stronger. It isn’t a ton of Smarties but it’s something.

FREE iBREASTCHECK APP: An iPod/iPhone app to help women check for signs of breast cancer.

FREE UBUNTU 10.10: Yes, we know it’s always free, but here’s a new version of the alternative operating system that’s getting more and more popular by the minute.

FREE STUFF FOR PSORIASIS & ECZEMA: Masses of info and a £5.00 voucher towards some nice cream that will hopefully sort it all out for you.

FREE £5.00 VOUCHER FOR I WANT ONE OF THOSE: Get some money off your gadgets with this one. Okay?

FREE NIVEA ARCTIC FREEZE MOISTURE GEL: Possibly harvested from the Arctic itself (that’s what gives it its freeziness)

(freebies found by HUKD members sickly sweet, marnstars, Spriggan, arduino, crazyterrier2000, vinh1000 and memememe)

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  • Slacker
    Free stuff that's mostly already free FFS. What a steaming pile of turd.

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