The Gratis Grab Bag - free stuf from HotUKDeals

1004044_1 Who’s up for some free stuff? Thought so. Have a gander at this then – all gleaned from the gleaming freebies section over at HotUKDeals. Mmmmm.... freebies......

FREE HOME DJ SOFTWARE: Pretend like you’re Bruno Brookes or Sarah Kennedy (if you’re a girl) in the comfort of your own dwell-pad.

FREE GOURMET CAT FOOD: Let your pussy imagine it’s royalty, even if it’s just for a single day.

FREE LADY MILLION SAMPLE: We don’t know what this is. It might be a drink.

FREE LOCK SCREEN DESIGN APP THING: Snazz up your phone’s lock screen with this handy tool. FACT: 134,000 people attempt suicide every month owing to misery caused by inadequate lock-screens.

FREE DISNEY POINTS: Get ‘em, put ‘em in your imaginary Disney points bag and feel a brooding sense of superiority over everyone else in the world.

FREE LEGO THING: You have to go somewhere in order to get/do this one, so it’s no good if you’re lazy/feckless/comatised.

(freebies found by HUKD members tichgeo, magdazdeb, shadow1, momocub, dtaylor21184 and holly100)

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