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TalkTalk If you're still a TalkTalk customer after that hack (and didn't bother with this letter of cancellation), then you will be able to pick from a bunch of freebies by way of apology from the company.

Over 150,000 customers and around 16,000 bank account numbers will be getting an upgrade from the 1st December, which means you can add one of the following to their existing services: TV content including movies, kids entertainment and sports; a mobile SIM with a monthly allowance of free texts, data and calls; unlimited UK landline and mobile calls; or a broadband health check. Very few will be choosing the latter, we suspect.

TalkTalk's chief executive Dido Harding, said: 'TalkTalk takes the security of customers' data extremely seriously and we are taking significant further steps to ensure our systems are protected, as well as writing to all our customers outlining what we are doing to keep their data safe."

"In recognition of the unavoidable uncertainty, and because we know that doing what is right for our customers will ensure the best possible outcome for the company over the longer term, we are today announcing the offer of a choice of free upgraded services to all our customers."

Seeing as fewer people were affected by the hack than first thought, TalkTalk will be relieved, and now all their customer-facing sales and service channels are back in full swing. However, there's still no hiding from the fact that the company has been hacked three times within the last 12 months, which is dreadful form.

There's still going to be a parliamentary committee investigation into the whole thing, which will be kicking off later this month, and the hack has reportedly seen 200,000 customers jumping ship.

More on the upgrade over at this TalkTalk page.


  • Graham H.
    Where do you get "all their customer-facing sales and service channels are back in full swing" from? email is still on and off and has been regularly since the hack - my account is still not accessible for many users - today 16th November at 6:30pm there is no access to webmail - when are they going to get their act together? The CEO needs to go.
  • tomas z.
    I hate talktalk you are disgisting animals rude obnixous and damm rude i wont be picking any of yhese
  • Adele g.
    Iv been with you for around 2 years my bills are always around 50.00 and I don't even have my landline plugged in, is there any chance I can have another deal I can't afford this every month just for the Internet... Thank you for taking the time to read this
  • kevin w.
    ive previously been on sky news regarding hacking i was scammed had my name adress talktalk account number date of birth but emailed back by the ceo none of my details were comprimised what ajoke
  • John M.
    All these freebies are rubbish! the mobile sim is free anyway, and most are already in my package, if you really want to say sorry, give me something i really need like a free fibre broadband?
  • michael
    as an older customer of talk talk I have no need of any of their freebies as have a payg sim for my mobile which gets £5 credit put on it every 6 months to keep it online,don't own or watch tv and only have a home phone because it was part of my package to get broadband which is all I want.They could upgrade me to fibre if they really wanted to show sincerity and give me something that is in any way useful to me.Even a 3 month free taster upgrade would be good as then if I noticed and wanted the different speed I may possibly continue to take it after the freebie taster was over and not have to take an 18 month contract to get it while uncertain if I needed and really wanted the extra speed that fibre brings.
  • Lynne
    my phone was cut off on 23 oct at 8.30 in the evening I couldnt get through to anyone who knew what i was talking about so i emailed the sos office and i have been in touch with po spa who has help me as much as possible but it took untill today to get my old number back my husband is in a care home and nobody could get in touch with me which has caused me much stress my mobile phone no longer works since they sent me a new sim i have told them repeatedly that it doesnt work but it cuts off all the time and they dont even phone me back I have beem a customer for twelve years but i am having very big concerns at the moment so when every thing is back to near normal i will be leaving and i will not be paying leaving fee
  • barry w.
    dear talk tak i want 2 leave u cos i has hacked n not payin leavin fee
  • robert b.
    disgusted by this cheap copout so called compensation i have a full talk talk package i don't need more tv channels, i have 2 mobile handset plans and i have home phone with all inclusive calls and broadband. How about other choices such as handset upgrades or even cimpensation in a finacial form
  • Jessie J.
    I'm glad I'm on the TalkTalk website. Your shit. Your service is shit and you smell. I wont be paying a leaving fee as I'm not stupid enough to have any of your services. Bang bang all over you.
    I wish the people who use this website would use proper written English and not tex speake.I have been with TalkTalk for about two years I had one problem with a connection which was sorted no problem.The only complaint I have is the yearly "pay in advance discount"or the lack of.
  • Bella
    Seriously talk talk. I have been with you for years and you want to offer "upgrades" that most people have anyway or are a complete nonsense i.e broadband check via engineer. What a joke. If you really want to do me a favour upgrade me to fibre ( permanently without extra charge)
  • Father J.
    Dear AP Davis If you're going to criticise other people's use of the English language then it might be an idea for you to be vaguely acquainted with it yourself. Maybe you could sort out your own hopeless grammar, spelling and punktuwation before you start taking potshots at others? Twat. Love, Father Jack
  • Albert S.
  • Ali
    Just had a look at the upgrade packages offered to me. What a load of rubbish! Seriously don't even bother checking them out.
  • Andy S.
    I too have just received upgrade offer. One for picture box free for 3 months. I have Netflix so don't need their movies. . 2 for free calls to mobiles for 1 year. I never call mobiles from landline. And 3 a broadband check with an engineer and if you don't keep the appointment you will be charges £30. Why was everyone not offered Sky Sports free for 3 months or a free sim card for a year because it would cost them too much. I would have preferred some money off my bills. I have also been trying to contact them but live chat is always busy. Shame on you talktalk.
  • gee
    TalkTalk are a load of crap...customer service is the worst ever...back to BT me thinks...
  • Stewball
    Just checked the upgrades, or lack of them, total bag of shite, same as TT. I've been with this outfit for a few year now, only for the price, but tomorrow I'll be on the phone requesting a decent upgrade, & not one of the pitifully inadequate excuses they have for the ones that are dished out as if they are giving there customers a pot of gold...fuckwits
  • ray
    the free upgrade from talktalk what a con the film boost a load of old films that have been on tv before or are rubbish. i tried to watch one last night and it froze 30 times. this is not what i expected from talktalk.
  • Martoid
    What I want,in terms of a "free" upgrade is not available on screen.I'm not going to phone the far east and be bored out of my skull by someone trying to sell me something.Oh well.enjoy YOUR Christmas Dido,comforted as you are, by your obscene 6.8 million pay package...bah humbug.
  • Martoid
    Okey dokey!
  • Rob
    I regret joining TalkTalk and can't wait to go back to sky as I'm always rebooting my modem for internet and TV. To telephone for a free upgrade is impossible. All I want is a free health check - I telephone they say go to TalkTalk website by auto voice. I go on website - it says telephone.

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