Sky to launch new Netflix-esque set top box

Bitterwallet - Sky collect personal data Those rascals over at Sky are preparing to drop a new set-top box within weeks, like it's their latest mixtape. So what's new about it? Well, according to blabbermouths, it will offer you the kind of experience you've had with Netflix (or Apple, if you prefer).

What does that mean exactly? Well, this thing is called SkyQ, and will let customers watch and record at least four things simultaneously, on multiple devices, and will wirelessly send content to your smartphones and tablets. And of course, it'll be able to deal with ultra-high definition (UHD or 4K) broadcasts, because that's what everyone in TV is talking about these days.

Apparently, it is all 'really very slick' according to one insider who has seen it working in action. They said that the interface is similar to Netflix, with a virtual carousel being used rather than the crappy old interface that Sky have been using on their current Sky+ HD box.

Like Netflix, it will try and pick up on what your tastes are, so it can make suggestions and all that.

Sky are also going to be launching a new Now TV box next month and, while the exact details about it are being kept under wraps, we've heard that it will be "faster and smoother". Take from that what you will.

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