Sky are giving away TVs and tablets while putting prices up

sky As you'll already know, Sky are putting their prices up. As a sweetener, they've decided to give some free things away, like TVs and tablets.

What exactly? Well, if you're a new customer who signs up before the 21st April, you can get yourself a 32" LG television as part of your bundle.

If you're not too fussed about getting a new television set, then you can also opt for a £100 Amazon or Tesco giftcard, £100 loaded onto a prepaid Mastercard, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab E. While this is good news for anyone who is thinking of becoming a Sky customer, this is a bit of a kick in the teeth for existing customers.

Furthermore, packages are going to be cheaper for new customers. For example, the Sky Movies bundle is £29 per month for half a year instead of £38 per month.

Either way, this particular offer is available across six bundles: The Original, The Complete, The Family, The Variety, Sky Movies and Sky Sports. You'll have to take out a 12-month contract, by the way.

As for the price increase for existing customers, Sky says that this has happened to fund more investment in content and customer experience. Basically, they're going to throw some money at Sky Atlantic programmes, and show more Premier League games. Sky have said that, should you be unhappy with the price rise, and you're no longer in the minimum term of your contract, you can cancel your contract.

You'll need to give 31 days’ notice and can cancel by calling Sky customers services.


  • **Paul**
    This frustrates me greatly. Sky say no price rise is over 8%, well mine is 9.2% as I have an offer on my account, which is the only reason I stayed with them. What is the point of a 12 month contract if they can zap nearly a 10% price rise on it whenever they feel like? I'm not really sure what to do now, because in the past I've seen a small rise which is fine, but nearly 10% is taking the piss.
  • Albi
    Swings and roundabouts. You do get a free Sky+ box in effect.
  • Warwick H.
    Install Kodi, its free and forget about rip off Sky & Vermin Media all you need is a decent broadband connection and it will revolutionise the way you watch TV believe any film old or new, any TV series old or new ,any sporting event, any TV station, any porn, the list is endless. I watched The Cisco Kid the other day, aye a sad bastard I know but I am not paying a small fortune every month for the privilege, all I pay is my internet connection and by the way you do not need a TV licence to watch streamed TV as far as I know.

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