Orange and Vouchercloud? Is this partnership actually any good for your pocket?

orangeHold on to your hats, another exciting marriage has recently been announced, but this time it’s between the mobile network Orange and discount voucher peddler VoucherCloud.

Vouchercloud already have a website and app, but they are now teaming up with Orange to offer exclusive deals only for Orange customers. If you have an iPhone you can download the app (free, obviously) or if you are not so lucky, you can use the good old world wide web at

However. Call us cynical, but we are not naive sorts to fall hook line and sinker for a PR’s spiel. So we thought we would investigate the ‘exclusive’deals currently on offer.

This month’s deals are as follows:

A free five day pass for two people to Fitness First (this is a deal?)

50% off a cut and style at Headmasters, but not on a Saturday, and presumably only if you live near one of their 37 locations.

An upgrade from a regular to a large shake at Shakeaway (a huge £1 price difference)

A 20% discount at Habitat

15% off at Mamas and Papas

A 30 day free trial at LoveFilm plus a £20 Next voucher (is it possible to join LoveFilm without a 30 day free trial?)

2 for 1 cocktails at Malmaison. But not on Friday or Saturday.

10% off when you spend £20 at Hotel Chocolat plus a free lolly

12% discount at Blue Inc (no idea. Never heard of them)

£4 discount when you spend £40 at Maplins. Who are still in business apparently.

And a 10% discount at Furniture Village

Bet you’re blown away so far. All of the deals expire on 31 May, with the exception of Habitat which expires on 25 May, after which point you will be forced to use the non-exclusive 15% vouchercloud discount instead. OR, you could use the HotUKDeals voucher code for 30% off online expiring tomorrow (S1FFU) and then the 20% code S1BH thereafter.

Similarly ‘normal’ vouchercloud users get 5% off Furniture Village anyway or Quidco gives 5% cashback, and you can actually get up to 8% at some other voucher code site that we don’t like to mention very much round here.

Or why not get an extra 2.5% cashback on your Maplin purchase- Quidco are offering 7% cashback without a voucher code and 2.5% with.

And if you have heard of Blue Inc but aren’t an Orange customer, don’t worry, you can get 11% cashback at Quidco too

All in all, not much of a reason to consider switching to Orange, and not a huge reward for being an Orange customer either.

By all means if you are an Orange customer, add the deals (online or app version) to your deal scouring arsenal, but our verdict? Could Do Better.


  • Tom
    Sweet Fucking Christ! At least they're trying to do something a bit different and nice for their customers. Why not have a go at them for their shit customer service or something that warrants a snidey post. Fuck me, this site is becoming miserable for the sake of it. At least be miserable and relevant like you used to be.
  • Paul N.
    I don't know if we've ever had the honour of being dubbed "miserable and relevant".
  • ole
    Lets be honest this site is just an advertisement for Ryanair and Apple....
  • Sawyer
    Have they made up half of these stores? Unlike Sam, I have heard of Blue Inc., but Headmasters, Shakeaway, Malmaison, Hotel Chocolat? Don't recognise those.
  • Tom
    You were honoured by me. Alone, in a dark room. And that's the highest honour a website can get.
  • The B.
    @Sawyer - Headmasters and Hotel Chocolat are all mainly Southern Counties things. And Malmaison are fairly small. That may be why you've not heard of them.
  • The B.
    Oh, and Shakeaway, no, never heard of 'em.
  • Marky M.
    Some of these deals sound pretty good to me. Even 15% off at Habitat is a good saving, 20% is better still. 10% from Maplins and a Next voucher? I'd go for that. And yes, a 5-day pass from Fitness First IS a deal.
  • Billy
    @Tom, Being sent offers that aren't the best - not a good idea unless there's an ulterior motive from the partners involved - e.g. they are basically giving you the lowest possible saving, but dressed up as an exclusive. Surely you can see that. @Marky Mark Are you off your tits, you think it's better to get 15% from vouchercloud rather than utilise the current 30% one posted at HUKD ?
  • Tom
    @Billy WTF? There's a better offer out there so the one Orange offer is shit? It's something for free which customers didn't get before. Not everyone trawls the Internet looking for deals and vouchers. Just because you have broadband and aren't dead doesn't mean you know all the voucher and deals websites.
  • SJT
    I've had vouchercloud on my iphone for about 18 months now, and still haven't found a relevant or useful deal. Waste of space to be honest (a lot like Orange)
  • Billy
    @Tom, Yes, the Orange offer is shit, due to the fact there are better offers publicly available. You must be a little on the thick side not to get that point. or dare I say it - you'd be a dream customer to any cold caller.
  • Simon
    Paul Nikkel = Quidco Founder Quidco = vouchercloud competitor Vouchers = mobile IN-STORE exclusives meaning you can take your MOBILE and get the offers in-store as opposed to online. Article clearly also says THIS MONTHS offers meaning there will be new offers next month so of course they end on May 31st DUH!
  • Tom
    @Tom Once more, for the hard of thinking. It gives customers somethign they didn't have before. It might not be the best offer but it's there and it's brought to people who wouldn't necessarily know how to get the discounts. Just because you can find something better doesn't mean your Gran can. But you've decided that people are thick because they don't agree with you. What a cunt.
  • Tom
    and of course that was meant to be @Billy. Now I'm the cunt...
  • Billy
    @Tom You're as mad and silly as I originally suspected. Aiming profanities at yourself, whatever next ?

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