O2 to bring free Wi-fi to 1,600 UK pubs

12 March 2012

Pubs, restaurants and other public places that offer ‘free Wi-fi’ are all well and good, but more often than not we’re forced to endure different infuriating sign-ups and login nonsense for every single place that offers us free online access. In short, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth.

O2 might be about to do something about that, and have signed a deal to provide Wi-fi in 1,600 Mitchell & Butlers pubs and restaurants by the end of 2012, including chains such as Harvester, Toby Carvery, Vintage Inns, Browns, All Bar One and O’Neill’s, claiming that their service will be: “fast, genuinely free to customers, reliable and simple-to-use”.

Another good reason to while away a few hours in the great British faceless pub chain outlet then. How much does free Wi-fi matter to you when it comes to your choice of pub?

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  • @Jaffo
    They should bring Automan back.
  • Chris
    Is this because O2 3G coverage is so poor?
  • thingonaspring
    people should put their fcuking phones away in the pub anyway. talk to me you inconsiderate bastard, and stop checking your fcuking email.
  • Mike H.
    If Automan was in the pub, you would want to tell people by using advanced communication using a form hasn't been invented yet I'm going to call it social-networking.
  • will
    this'll really be the end of pub quizzes
  • Martin
    If I was in an All Bar One I'd certainly be trying to distract myself somehow.
  • Frank P.
    Expect a queue when wanting a shit and no toilet roll when you do get the chance.

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